Ancestral Healing

Transform your ancestral stories
passed down through your DNA.

Scientists agree that it is not just physical properties that are passed on through the DNA but emotional issues as well. When emotional trauma is not fully processed, it gets stuck and embedded in the cells of the body. These stuck emotions create belief systems and filters from which we view our experiences and make decisions. What we hold in our cells vibrates out and creates our reality. Ancestral trauma clearing shifts the embedded emotions you inherited and unplugs the dysfunctional programming.

Susan specializes in the realization and reclaiming of your power and innocence after sexual abuse.

The Healing process can help with:










Sexual Abuse

Susan provides a gateway to connect with the ancestor. With guidance from the Higher Self, we zero in on the story, cultural issue or historical event that left an unhealed wound. Together we discover the emotions that are still churning around the experience. Through energetic therapies, the unresolved feelings are acknowledged, accepted and shifted on the cellular and energetic levels. Each session ends with some EFT tapping to help integrate the upgraded belief system.

This shift of energy and perspective lifts the veil of illusion you have been operating under and reunites you with your original blueprint/purpose.

When you reconnect with your original blueprint, you remember your divinity. This helps to bring all parts of you back into the wholeness, back into the oneness of your divine line. Your inner world re-calibrates and then your outer world follows (as within, so without). Live the reality of Your Holy Spirit’s creation!

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“When you open yourself to God, gentle but powerful changes are to be experienced.”